(1) Dissertation Chapter – Entrepreneurship as a Way to Overcome Discrimination: Evidence from Formerly Incarcerated Individuals. Working Paper
2018 Kauffman Knowledge Challenge Grant Recipient
– 2019 Transatlantic Doctoral Conference Wheeler Institute Best Paper Award
– 2019 Wheeler Institute for Business and Development Research Grant
– 2019 East Coast Doctoral Conference Best Presentation Award

(2) Dissertation Chapter – How do Currently and Formerly Incarcerated Individuals Perform as Employees? Evidence from Field Micro-data. Working Paper
2019 Columbia University Deming Center for Quality, Productivity, and Competitiveness Fellowship

(3) How Knowledge Breadth and Depth Jointly Affect Entrepreneurial Entry: The complementary role of social groups (with Dan J. Wang & Modupe Akinola) Under Review
2018 AoM Best Paper Proceedings

(4) Why Generalists Are Successful but Short-term Entrepreneurs: Evidence from the Global Hedge Fund Industry (with Damon J. Phillips & Evan Rawley) Working Paper
2017 Columbia University Eugene M. Lang Entrepreneurship Center PhD Fellowship

(5) Does the Apple Fall Far from the Tree? Entrepreneurial Spawning and Exploration in the Hedge Fund Management Industry (with Evan Rawley & Rui de Figueiredo)