1. Entrepreneurship as a Response to Labor Market Discrimination for Formerly Incarcerated People (with Damon J. Phillips) Forthcoming at American Journal of Sociology [link to paper]
  1. From Prison to Entrepreneurship: Can Entrepreneurship be a Reentry Strategy for Justice-Impacted Individuals? The ANNALS of the American Academy of Political and Social Science701(1), 114–133.
    • Policy White Paper for REFORM Alliance headed by Bruce Western & David Harding

Working Papers

  1. Entrepreneurship as a Bridge to Employment? Evidence from Formerly Incarcerated People. Working Paper
    • Featured in CitySCOPE Podcast
    • 2022 Winner, AoM ENT NFIB Dissertation Award
    • 2021 Winner, AoM William H. Newman Best Dissertation Award
    • 2021 Winner, AoM OMT Louis Pondy Best Dissertation Paper Award
    • 2021 AoM Best Paper Proceedings
    • 2020 Finalist, Organization Science/INFORMS Dissertation Competition
  1. How Knowledge Specialization and Diversity Jointly Influence Entrepreneurial Entry: The complementary role of social groups (with Dan J. Wang & Modupe Akinola) Under Review
  1. Barriers to Entrepreneurship for Formerly Incarcerated People. Working Paper
  1. Why Generalists Are Successful but Short-term Entrepreneurs: Evidence from the Global Hedge Fund Industry (with Damon J. Phillips & Evan Rawley) Working Paper
  1. How do Currently and Formerly Incarcerated Individuals Perform as Employees: Evidence from Field Micro-data and Interviews.” Working Paper

Work in Progress

  1. Navigating Entrepreneurship and Employment with a Criminal Record: Cross-institutional evidence from Denmark and the United States (with Tünde Cserpes & Elena Mattana)
  2. Entrepreneurship and Employers (with Jesper Sørensen & Seyeon Kim)
  3. Justice-Involved Individuals and Self Employment: Evidence from US Census Data (with Mike Mueller-Smith, Brittany Street, Keith Finlay)
  4. Marginalized Populations as a Path Towards a More Robust Theory of Entrepreneurship (with Damon J. Phillips)