Dissertation: Entrepreneurship and Incarceration
– 2019 Wheeler Institute for Business and Development Research Grant
2018 Kauffman Knowledge Challenge Grant Recipient

(1) Entrepreneurship as a Bridge to Employment? Evidence from Formerly Incarcerated People. Working Paper

(2) Entrepreneurship as a Response to Labor Market Discrimination for Formerly Incarcerated People (with Damon J. Phillips) Under Review [link to paper]
– 2020 Academy of Management OMT Best Paper on Environmental and Social Practices
2020 Academy of Management Best Paper Proceedings
– 2019 Transatlantic Doctoral Conference Wheeler Institute Best Paper Award
– 2019 East Coast Doctoral Conference Best Presentation Award

(3) How do Currently and Formerly Incarcerated Individuals Fare as Employees? Evidence from Field Micro-data. Working Paper
– 2019 Columbia University Deming Center for Quality, Productivity, and Competitiveness Fellowship


Other Working Papers

(1) How Knowledge Specialization and Diversity Jointly Influence Entrepreneurial Entry: The complementary role of social groups (with Dan J. Wang & Modupe Akinola) Under Review
2018 Academy of Management Best Paper Proceedings

(2) Why Generalists Are Successful but Short-term Entrepreneurs: Evidence from the Global Hedge Fund Industry (with Damon J. Phillips & Evan Rawley) Working Paper
2017 Columbia University Eugene M. Lang Entrepreneurship Center PhD Fellowship