Guest Lecturer

Advanced Strategy, Prof. Bo Cowgill (PhD, Spring 2018, Guest Lecturer)
Reentry Acceleration Program, Prof. Damon Phillips (MBA, 2018, 2019, 2020, 2021, Guest Speaker & TA)

Teaching Assistant

Tech Immersion, Prof. Bo Cowgill (MBA, Spring 2019, TA)
Technology Strategy, Prof. Dan J. Wang (MBA, Spring 2018, TA)
Foundations of Strategy – Joint seminar with Harvard Business School, Prof. Bruce Kogut & Stephan Meier & Hong Luo (PhD, Spring 2017, TA)
Strategy Formulation, Prof. Evan Rawley (MBA, Spring 2017, TA)
Fundamentals of Governance, Prof. Bruce Kogut (MBA, Spring 2017, TA)